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Over the past twenty years, Chris Davis has been a successful value investor in a number of asset classes including equities, fixed income, currencies and commodities. He is currently the portfolio manager of Davis Selected Advisers, a family office that manages assets for a number of high net worth clients and VC funds. Davis Selected Advisers is an investment firm that employs a quantitative approach to investing in large cap stocks, long / short equities and event-driven opportunities. The goal of the firm is to deliver excess risk-adjusted returns over the long term.
Chris Davis's investment portfolio emphasizes strong market presence and diverse revenue streams, characteristic of his stock picks. Meta Platforms Inc leads as a tech giant with significant influence in social media through Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, alongside its ventures into virtual reality.
Wells Fargo & Co, one of the largest banks in America, offers resilience with its extensive banking services and financial solutions, providing stability within Davis's investments.
Capital One Financial Corp, a diversified bank, holds a robust position in credit card offerings, banking products, and auto loans, highlighting Davis's preference for well-established financial institutions. Inc represents a cornerstone of ecommerce and cloud computing, showing continuous growth and innovation dominance in both retail and technology sectors, reflecting Davis's foresight in high-growth potential stocks.
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. solidifies the foundation of the portfolio with its vast conglomerate structure that includes insurance, energy, manufacturing, and services, indicative of Chris Davis's strategy to invest in companies with enduring value and diversified operations.
Investors keeping track of Chris Davis will note his focus on companies with clear competitive advantages, long-term growth prospects, and robust financial health.

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