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Over the past twenty years, Chris Davis has been a successful value investor in a number of asset classes including equities, fixed income, currencies and commodities. He is currently the portfolio manager of Davis Selected Advisers, a family office that manages assets for a number of high net worth clients and VC funds. Davis Selected Advisers is an investment firm that employs a quantitative approach to investing in large cap stocks, long / short equities and event-driven opportunities. The goal of the firm is to deliver excess risk-adjusted returns over the long term.
Chris Davis's top five stock investments showcase a diversified approach, centered on technology and financial services sectors. His largest investment is in Meta Platforms Inc., occupying 10.4% of his portfolio. This illustrates confidence in the long-term potential of this leading social media conglomerate. The second-largest holding at 8.5% is Wells Fargo & Co., emphasizing Davis's belief in the stability and growth prospects within the banking industry.
Furthermore, Capital One Financial Corp. makes up 7.8% of his investments, reinforcing a strong inclination towards robust financial institutions that offer both consumer lending and credit services. With Inc. representing 6.7% of the investment portfolio, there is clear recognition of the company's expansive e-commerce dominance and cloud computing prowess as pivotal for future growth.
Lastly, Applied Materials Inc., constituting 6.3%, indicates an interest in companies pioneering in materials engineering solutions crucial for semiconductor production—a sector underpinning much of today’s technological advancement.
This strategic selection by Chris Davis illuminates a balanced mix of innovative tech giants and foundational financial players, mapping out an investment philosophy that seeks to capitalize on digital transformation trends while rooting part of the holdings in more traditional industries expected to provide steady returns. Potential investors examining these choices can discern a market approach combining high-growth potentials with established profitability avenues.

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