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Pershing Square Capital Management Holdings

Pershing Square is a privately owned hedge fund that was founded in 2003 by William A. Ackman, a value investor who buys stakes in undervalued companies with the intention of working with management to improve performance. Pershing Square focuses on long-term, value-oriented investing and employs a concentrated portfolio strategy.
Bill Ackman's portfolio underscores a strategic investment approach, favoring substantial positions in high-conviction stocks with long-term growth potential.
Chipotle Mexican Grill is a top-performing restaurant chain, featuring fresh ingredients and customizable Mexican food options. Its focus on sustainable operations and transparent supply chains aligns with growing consumer preferences for ethical dining.
Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc represents Ackman's confidence in the hospitality sector's resilience and its ability to capitalize on global travel recovery, highlighting robust brand equity across diverse markets.
Restaurant Brands International Inc, known for owning Burger King, Tim Hortons, and Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, illustrates Ackman’s interest in established quick-service restaurants with significant expansion capabilities and enduring customer loyalty.
Alphabet Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class C marks a technological cornerstone within Ackman's selections, showcasing Google's parent company as a dominant force in online search, advertising, and innovation-driven sectors such as cloud computing and autonomous vehicles.
Canadian Pacific Kansas City Limited demonstrates an investment in vital transportation infrastructure, with this railway benefiting from trade efficiencies and critical supply chain roles amidst rising demand for freight services.
Investors monitoring 'Bill Ackman', 'investment', 'portfolio', and 'stocks' should note his predilection for companies with strong competitive moats, clear growth trajectories, and capable of weathering economic fluctuations while providing stable returns.

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Bill Ackman FAQ

Ackman is seen as a confrontational investor. He gained renewed attention when he hedged Pershing Square Capital Management’s portfolio with US $27 million in credit protection before the 2020 stock market crash, as he suspected it would crash. The hedge was effective, raising $2.6 billion in less than a month.

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