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Pershing Square is a privately owned hedge fund that was founded in 2003 by William A. Ackman, a value investor who buys stakes in undervalued companies with the intention of working with management to improve performance. Pershing Square focuses on long-term, value-oriented investing and employs a concentrated portfolio strategy.

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Bill Ackman FAQ

Ackman is seen as a confrontational investor. He gained renewed attention when he hedged Pershing Square Capital Management’s portfolio with US $27 million in credit protection before the 2020 stock market crash, as he suspected it would crash. The hedge was effective, raising $2.6 billion in less than a month.

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Info about the Portfolio

Bill Ackman is one of the most influential investors in the world. His stock picks can be a great way to diversify your portfolio and potentially earn higher returns. Here are some interesting metrics about his portfolio: The stocks with the highest dividend yields are Alexander`s Inc. with a current yield of 9.45%, Park Hotels & Resorts Inc with 4.67%, and Citigroup Inc with 4.43%. The average dividend yield for all companies in this portfolio is 0.99%. 100.0% of the companies in this portfolio are profitable. The company with the highest profit margin is Visa Inc, with a margin of 52.9%. Other high-margin companies in the portfolio include Alexander`s Inc. and Mastercard Incorporated, with margins of 46.17% and 44.85% respectively. The largest company by market capitalization in this portfolio is Alphabet Inc while the smallest is BlackRock Institutional Trust Company N.A..