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Ensemble Capital is an investment and wealth management firm. The firm is based in San Francisco. They manage investment portfolios for private individuals and institutions. Their clients have assets of between 3 and 250 million US dollars. They commit 5% of their net revenue of their Ensemble Capital Social Impact fund to charitable organizations.
Ensemble Capital's portfolio showcases a strategic emphasis on robust growth and market dominance with its top five stock investments. Netflix Inc., a leader in the streaming industry, promises potential for substantial subscriber expansion and innovative content creation. Alphabet Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class A represents an investment in a tech giant with expansive control over online search and advertising, as well as pioneering efforts in technology diversification. Mastercard Incorporated - Ordinary Shares - Class A is a top pick reflecting confidence in continuous global digital payment advancements and financial services innovation. Booking Holdings Inc highlights Ensemble Capital's bet on the travel industry's recovery and digital booking platforms' growth. Finally, Home Depot, Inc. anchors the portfolio as a strong performer within the home improvement retail sector, expected to benefit from consistent demand and consumer spending trends. These choices underline Ensemble Capital's investment acumen, focusing on companies poised for long-term success and shareholder value appreciation, fit for investors seeking informed market participation.

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