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AKO Capital goal is to follow an evidence-based process and seek to achieve returns for their clients which materially outperforms the equity markets over time. The company was founded by Nicolai Tangen.
Alcon Inc., a global medical company specializing in eye care products, represents a primary investment in AKO Capital's portfolio, exemplifying their commitment to healthcare innovation and steady market growth potential. Visa Inc., with its Class A ordinary shares, underscores AKO Capital’s strategy in investing in robust payment processing networks, tapping into the ever-expanding digital transaction sector.
Microsoft Corporation, a leading technology firm, reflects AKO Capital's focus on companies with strong software and cloud services ecosystems, signaling confidence in continuous tech advancements and long-term value creation. Intercontinental Exchange Inc., as part of the financial exchange and clearing house landscape, is indicative of AKO Capital's approach towards firms positioned at the core of global markets, offering stability and an edge in finance-related investments.
Booking Holdings Inc., a top player in the online travel industry, rounds out AKO Capital's high-conviction holdings, aligning with consumer trends and digital commerce evolution. Each stock within this curated selection showcases strategic exposure to diverse sectors such as healthcare, fintech, technology, financial services, and online retail, portraying AKO Capital's diversified yet selective investment philosophy.
Potential investors looking at AKO Capital's portfolio can discern a bias towards industry leaders with sustainable competitive advantages and proven track records, hinting at both visionary and pragmatic market insights—the hallmark of prudent investing.

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