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Polen Capital is a team of investors and researchers with the goal of providing their clients with a highly-concentrated high-quality portfolio. They believe consistent earnings growth is the main driver of long-term share price appreciation. Additionally, earnings stability acts as a safety buffer during a bear market and results in less volatile stocks.
Polen Capital's portfolio demonstrates a strategic focus on technology and consumer services, with its top five stock investments in leading-edge companies. Amazon.com Inc., with e-commerce dominance and expanding cloud services, occupies the largest share at 15.2%. Microsoft Corporation follows, accounting for 9.5% of the portfolio; this reflects confidence in its software and cloud computing growth. Alphabet Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class C, representing Google's strong advertising and innovation ventures, comprises 6.7%. ServiceNow Inc, known for digital workflow solutions that enhance enterprise productivity, holds a close 6.6%. Finally, Netflix Inc., which continues to revolutionize the entertainment streaming industry, makes up 5.7%. These holdings indicate Polen Capital’s investment inclination towards firms with robust digital footprints and potential for sustainable growth.

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