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Polen Capital is a team of investors and researchers with the goal of providing their clients with a highly-concentrated high-quality portfolio. They believe consistent earnings growth is the main driver of long-term share price appreciation. Additionally, earnings stability acts as a safety buffer during a bear market and results in less volatile stocks.
Polen Capital's investment portfolio showcases a strong preference for tech-heavy giants with robust growth potential. Leading their stock investments is Amazon.com Inc., the e-commerce and cloud computing behemoth, which remains a staple for its blend of retail dominance and AWS services.
Microsoft Corporation holds a significant position as well, reflecting Polen Capital's confidence in Microsoft's diverse enterprise software solutions, cloud services through Azure, and consistent dividend payouts.
Alphabet Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class C represents another core holding within Polen Capital’s strategy, underscoring the firm’s belief in Alphabet's expansive ecosystem, from search engine leadership to innovations in AI and self-driving technology.
ServiceNow Inc also figures prominently, with its advanced cloud-based platforms for workflow automation that facilitate digital transformation across various industries, highlighting Polen Capital’s endorsement of companies at the forefront of enterprise technology.
Finally, Netflix Inc. rounds up Polen Capital's top five investments. As a leading content streaming platform with a global subscriber base, it reflects an investment ethos that values companies with scalable entertainment models and strong user engagement.
Investors tracking Polen Capital’s market approach will recognize a theme centered around scalability, innovation-driven growth, and market-leading positions within the technological sector. These stocks underscore the investor’s strategic commitment to pivotal players defining the digital age.

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