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The Broad Run team is a group of investment professionals who work to identify durable, high-quality businesses whose long-term growth prospects are undervalued by the market. The company was founded in 2012 and currently has clients including endowments, foundations, and family offices among others. the company is based in Washington D.C.
Broad Run Investment's top five stock holdings exemplify a diversified and strategic portfolio approach in the investment landscape. The firm's leading position, Brookfield Corporation - Ordinary Shares - Class A, underscores an affinity for global alternative asset management with robust infrastructure and renewable energy investments. Markel Group Inc claims a spot as a cornerstone investment, where Broad Run reveals a preference for insurers with a blend of specialty insurance and focus on long-term capital growth akin to Berkshire Hathaway’s model.
The presence of O’Reilly Automotive, Inc. in their portfolio highlights Broad Run's interest in solid performering companies within the retail sector, particularly those benefiting from recession-resistant demand for auto parts. Aon plc's inclusion reflects confidence in professional services firms offering risk, retirement, and health solutions, indicating attention to resilient financial sectors.
Lastly, Carmax Inc rounds out the top stocks list, representing Broad Run’s bet on revolutionary businesses within the used car market, leveraging technology and scale to capitalize on changing consumer behavior.
This combination paints a picture of Broad Run's selective investment philosophy aimed at capitalizing on established companies possessing competitive advantages, sound management teams, and strong potential for sustainable growth. Investors analyzing this portfolio gain insight into a thematic commitment towards structural growth, stability, and adaptability across various economic conditions.

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