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Walt Disney Co (The)Walt Disney Co (The)69.10%3%2.20.5
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Earnings Call Q1 2024

February 7, 2024 - AI Summary

The Walt Disney Company reported strong financial results for the first quarter of 2024, with segment operating income increasing by 27% and adjusted earnings per share rising by 23% compared to the previous year.
The company's streaming business showed significant improvement, with entertainment streaming operating income growing by 86% year-over-year. Disney expects to reach profitability in its streaming business by the end of fiscal 2024 and aims to achieve double-digit operating margins in the future.
ESPN announced a new joint venture with Fox and Warner Brothers Discovery to create a new streaming sports service launching this fall. This partnership will bring together content from all three companies' combined assets, including major professional sports leagues and college sports. In addition, ESPN plans to launch its own standalone streaming option in 2025, offering innovative digital features and personalization.
Disney is entering into an exciting relationship with Epic Games, acquiring a small equity stake and launching a groundbreaking new games and entertainment universe that combines Disney's beloved brands and franchises with Fortnite.
The company has declared an additional dividend and will embark on a $3 billion stock buyback program in fiscal 2024, demonstrating its commitment to returning value to shareholders.
Disney remains focused on investing in its growth businesses, particularly in parks and experiences. The company plans to invest approximately $60 billion over the next 10 years, with around 70% of that investment going towards incremental capacity expansion across its global locations. Overall, the earnings call highlighted Disney's successful transformation and growth strategy, particularly in the streaming space. The company's focus on expanding its sports offerings and partnerships, as well as its entry into the gaming industry, presents significant opportunities for future revenue and profit growth. However, challenges remain, such as competition in the streaming market and potential risks associated with investments in new attractions and experiences.

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9.8% upside

Undervalued by 9.8% based on the discounted cash flow analysis.

Share Statistics

Market cap$206.27 Billion
Enterprise Value$246.77 Billion
Dividend Yield$0.0 (0.0%)
Earnings per Share$1.63
Outstanding Shares1,834,302,235
Avg 30 Day Volume15,432,334


Return on Equity-
Return on Assets-
Return on Invested Capital-

Valuation & Multiples

P/E Ratio69.08
Price to Sales2.24
Price to Book Ratio1.99
Enterprise Value to Revenue2.77
Enterprise Value to EBIT23.05
Enterprise Value to Net Income82
Total Debt to Enterprise0.19
Debt to Equity0.47

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