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Pat Dorsey is one of the brains behind Morningstar's economic moat ratings, as well as their framework for analyzing competitive advantage. He also wrote two books: “The Five Rules for Successful Stock Investing“ and "The Little Book that Builds Wealth“. He was the Director of Research for Sanibel Captiva Trust. After he quit he founded Dorsey Asset Management.
Pat Dorsey's portfolio reflects a strong inclination towards tech and online services, focusing on substantial investment opportunities in both established giants and growing companies.
Meta Platforms Inc is a cornerstone of his investment strategy. As the parent company to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus, Meta offers long-term growth potential given its extensive user base, advertising revenue stream, and ongoing investments in virtual reality—a sector poised for expansion.
Alphabet Inc also commands a leading presence in Pat Dorsey's selection for its robust ecosystem comprising Google Search, YouTube, Android, and cloud computing services. Its deep moat, consistent cash flow generation, and aggressive moves into AI and autonomous technology signify Alphabet's enduring market position and innovation-led growth prospects.
Smartsheet Inc stands out in the portfolio as a dynamic player in work management software solutions. Featuring collaborative interfaces much needed in a hybrid work environment, Smartsheet's subscription-based model suggests scalability and a recurring revenue structure with rising enterprise adoption. Ltd, an intuitive platform for web development, catches attention as part of Pat Dorsey's stock picks. Wix caters to the increasing demand for online presence by businesses, combining growth potential with user-friendly design capabilities in the expansive website creation sector.
Herc Holdings Inc rounds off the top five investments, diverging from the tech-heavy orientation yet complementing the portfolio with its equipment rental services catering to construction and industrial sectors. The company's solid customer base and strategic network expansion present Herc as an attractive asset in infrastructure and real estate-driven economies.
Investors looking at Pat Dorsey's selections can appreciate a blend of technological innovation leaders and essential service providers that demonstrate considerable market share, user engagement, and scalability—all desirable qualities signaling promising investment frontiers.

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