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Jeffrey W. Ubben a philanthropist and hedge fund manager from San Francisco is the co-founder of ValueAct Capital. He serves on Exxon Mobil's board. In 1987, he received a master's degree in business from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Mr. Ubben has left his position as president of ValueAct Capital in order to focus solely on social investments in 2020.
Jeffrey Ubben's portfolio showcases a strategic selection of stocks with strong market positions and growth potential. Salesforce Inc, a leading cloud-based software company, offers significant investment appeal due to its innovative solutions in customer relationship management (CRM) and continuous market expansion.
Insight Enterprises Inc., an essential part of Ubben's investments, operates in the IT services and solutions space, catering to complex business needs in technology and commanding a robust competitive edge — attractive to investors seeking tech exposure.
The Walt Disney Co represents a key holding that blends iconic branding with entertainment diversity. With its extensive media library, theme parks, and streaming services, Disney is poised for enduring appeal and resilience, making it a staple in any forward-thinking investment portfolio.
KKR & Co. Inc, a premier private equity firm known for substantial buyouts and alternative asset management, appeals to investors drawn to financial sector stability combined with the high-growth potential found in diverse investments across various sectors.
Finally, Expedia Group Inc marks its place in Ubben's strategy by dominating online travel services. The stock promises growth trajectories aligned with global travel trends and digital booking preferences, suggesting a lucrative avenue for shareholders interested in internet commerce and tourism.
Investors tracing Jeffrey Ubben's approach will notice a balanced blend of technological innovation, entertainment dominion, financial acumen, and e-commerce strength within his top five stock investments, each embodying the principles of sound investment strategies.

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