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Howard Stanley Marks is a passionate investor and writer. He co-founded Oaktree Capital Management, which specializes in distressed securities worldwide. Marks has an estimated net worth of over $2 billion. He is famous for his memos which detail strategies and insights into the economy. He has published three books on investing - all with rave reviews from top investors like Warren Buffett.
Howard Marks's investment portfolio is led by Torm Plc - Ordinary Shares - Class A, representing a substantial 31.8% of the total holdings, signaling strong confidence in this maritime sector company. Chesapeake Energy Corp. follows as the second-largest investment with Ordinary Shares - New accounting for 11.0%, reflecting a strategic stake in the energy industry. In third place, Garrett Motion Inc - Ordinary Shares - New comprises 7.6% of Marks's investments, indicative of his commitment to the auto parts manufacturing segment. Sitio Royalties Corp, engaging in mineral and royalty interests predominantly in oil and gas, holds the fourth position at 5.9%, demonstrating diversification within the natural resources domain. Finally, Runway Growth Finance Corp rounds out the top five at 3.6%, illustrating an interest in financial services that specialize in growth lending. Each stock selection unveils Howard Marks's calculated approach towards building a diversified yet concentrated portfolio, with emphasis on sectors like maritime transport, energy production, automotive innovation, resource extraction, and corporate finance.

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