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Howard Stanley Marks is a passionate investor and writer. He co-founded Oaktree Capital Management, which specializes in distressed securities worldwide. Marks has an estimated net worth of over $2 billion. He is famous for his memos which detail strategies and insights into the economy. He has published three books on investing - all with rave reviews from top investors like Warren Buffett.
Howard Marks's investment portfolio features Torm Plc, a prominent name in the international shipping sector specializing in transporting refined oil products. At the helm of Torm is a trusted management team focused on delivering robust earnings through strategic fleet utilization.
Chesapeake Energy Corp., another top holding in Marks's collection of stocks, represents a strong player in the hydrocarbon exploration industry. Following a restructuring phase, Chesapeake has re-emerged with a commitment to financial discipline and shareholder value optimization, presenting potential for those interested in energy sector investments.
In the automotive technology field, Garrett Motion Inc occupies a significant position within Howard Marks’s investment strategy. As an innovator in turbocharger technologies and other engine-boosting solutions, Garrett presents an attractive investment opportunity due to its crucial role in both traditional combustion engines and hybrid electric vehicles.
Meanwhile, Sitio Royalties Corp stands as a classic asset within the natural resource domain. This Class A stock taps into the demand for managing mineral and royalty interests, enabling investors like Howard Marks to gain exposure to income-generating assets tied to commodity prices without direct operational risks.
Lastly, Runway Growth Finance Corp rounds off Marks's top five, appealing to investors looking at financial specialty services. Notably, it specializes in lending growth capital to innovation-focused companies, encapsulating an investment philosophy that favors market niches with high potential returns.
Collectively, these holdings provide insights into Howard Marks’s investment preferences — an affinity for diverse sectors including transportation, energy, automotive technology, natural resources, and financial services — each chosen based on strategic positioning and anticipated market performance.

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