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Chris Hohn is a British Billionaire and the founder, owner, and CEO of The Children's Investment Fund (TCI). He attended the University of Southampton where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in accounting as well as first class honors for business administration. After graduating with a Harvard MPA he went on to work in finance before founding TCI in London in 2003. TCI is a value investor that is using activism when needed. The fund won the Eurohedge award multiple times. Fun Fact: Sir Chris Hohn was appointed knight in 2014 for his philanthropy and pledging over $2 Billion to charity.
Chris Hohn, a prominent investor with a keen eye for value, has a diversified stock portfolio. GE Aerospace features prominently as one of the top investments, tapping into the global aerospace market's growth potential and industrial innovation. Canadian National Railway Co., representing his stake in the transportation sector, is another major holding that benefits from trade flow stability and infrastructure spending.
Moreover, Chris Hohn's investment strategy includes Canadian Pacific Kansas City Limited, which underscores a focus on efficient rail logistics and strategic regional connectivity across North America. Financial services are also well-represented through Visa Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class A, indicating an interest in stable, large-cap companies with wide moats and significant payment processing networks.
Lastly, Moody’s Corp rounds out the top five, pointing towards a penchant for financial intelligence and credit ratings agencies that thrive on economic complexity and data-driven services. Collectively, these stocks showcase a preference for industry leaders within their respective sectors, reflecting a balance between growth prospects and established performance.

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