EBIT multiples

Monthly history of EBIT multiple valuations until 2022.

The graph shows the average enterprise value to EBIT ratio (EV/EBIT) of all public companies. Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) is an indicator of a company's profitability.

History By industry

Companies with highest EBIT multiple

  1. 7219x
    Datadog- Class A DDOG
  2. 3270x
    Summit Hotel Properties INN
  3. 1493x
    Applovin Corp APP
  4. 1108x
    Cameco CCJ
  5. 991x
    Ionis Pharmaceuticals IONS
  6. 966x
    Frontline Ltd FRO
  7. 801x
    Salesforce.Com CRM
  8. 729x
    Shopify- Class A SHOP
  9. 636x
    LendingTree TREE
  10. 588x
    Viasat VSAT

Companies with lowest EBIT multiple

  1. -3689.6x
    Oasis Petroleum - New OAS
  2. -2801.7x
    Enstar Group Limited ESGR
  3. -1306.6x
    Bumble- Class A BMBL
  4. -1222.8x
    RLJ Lodging Trust RLJ
  5. -991.6x
    Xenia Hotels & Resorts XHR
  6. -931.3x
    Atlassian Plc TEAM
  7. -805.3x
    Evolent Health- Class A EVH
  8. -803.6x
    Chatham Lodging Trust CLDT
  9. -652.5x
    Centerspace CSR
  10. -618.5x
    Silicon Laboratories SLAB