EBIT multiples

Monthly history of EBIT multiple valuations until 2024.

The graph shows the average enterprise value to EBIT ratio (EV/EBIT) of all public companies. Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) is an indicator of a company's profitability.

History By industry

Companies with highest EBIT multiple

  1. 14738x
    Microstrategy - Ordinary Shares MSTR
  2. 8400x
    Appfolio- Ordinary Shares APPF
  3. 6680x
    Intel INTC
  4. 4854x
    Workday- Ordinary Shares WDAY
  5. 3340x
    Anywhere Real Estate HOUS
  6. 1470x
    Iamgold IAG
  7. 1327x
    Globalstar GSAT
  8. 885x
    Shake Shack- Ordinary Shares SHAK
  9. 720x
    Advanced Micro Devices AMD
  10. 593x
    MGM Resorts International MGM

Companies with lowest EBIT multiple

  1. -35709.9x
    Macerich MAC
  2. -10934.6x
    Robinhood Markets- Ordinary Shares HOOD
  3. -7008.5x
    Sunopta STKL
  4. -3732.7x
    Claros Mortgage Trust CMTG
  5. -3185.1x
    MFA Financial MFA
  6. -2622.2x
    EverCommerce EVCM
  7. -2570.4x
    eXp World Holdings EXPI
  8. -2424.6x
    Acadia Realty Trust AKR
  9. -2405.7x
    Moelis- Ordinary Shares MC
  10. -2201.0x
    Frontier Group Holdings ULCC