The world's best growth investors

Analyze the portfolio of the greatest growth investors focusing on high-risk stocks that are expected to grow faster than the market average.

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Cathie Wood

ARK Invest

Performance: -7.99% last year

$12.5 Billion portfolio

Coinbase Global



213 more stocks

Tiger Global

Tiger Global Management

Performance: 42.72% last year

$18 Billion portfolio

Meta Platforms



31 more stocks

Michael Burry

Scion Asset Management, LLC

Performance: -21.15% last year

$100 Million portfolio

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd

HCA Healthcare

13 more stocks

Pat Dorsey

Dorsey Asset Management LLC

Performance: 33.30% last year

$874 Million portfolio


Meta Platforms Ltd

7 more stocks

Terry Smith

Fundsmith LLP

Performance: 11.52% last year

$25.4 Billion portfolio


Meta Platforms


36 more stocks


Growth investors aim to take advantage of stocks that have the potential to grow significantly. They are looking for stocks whose revenue or earnings are expected to increase above average as compared to the market. Growth investors must have a high-risk tolerance, long-term financial goals, and rely on several financial metrics to measure the performance of a stock.

  • Growth stocks are often new and emerging companies that aren’t established and tested in the market yet which increases the risk of this strategy.
  • When investing in a company, growth investors also expect sales and/or profit to increase in the future. This is can make the stocks seem more expensive compared to other slow-growing companies in the industry. If you are a growth investor, expect high price-to-sales and price-to-earnings ratios.
  • Go high or go home: If you are expecting dividends from growth investing, you are expecting a fish to climb a tree. It’s never going to happen. In today’s world, it’s like going high or going home. Growth stocks often experience stock price swings in greater magnitudes. The main risk is that the realized or expected growth doesn't continue into the future. Investors have paid a high price expecting one thing, and not getting it. In such cases, a growth stock's price can fall dramatically.

On the good side, the high risk will be rewarded with high returns when betting on the right companies at the right time.

Growth investors who are looking to find find the right company for their growth investment, often consider the following factors among others:

  • Historical growth of the company
  • Profit margins
  • Return on equity
  • Forward earnings growth, and
  • Stock performance

Growth and value investing are two different approaches to stock investing. Growth stocks are considered to have the potential to grow faster than the market over time. Value stocks are defined as companies that trade below the price of what they are currently worth (ie they are undervalued).

Value stocks tend to be more stable and less volatile than growth stocks, thus the risk is higher for growth investors.

Julian Robertson

Tiger Management

Performance: 18.50% last year

$3.22 Million portfolio

Vanguard Group - Vanguard S&P 500 ETF

Skyworks Solutions


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Altarock Partners

Altarock Partners LLC

Performance: 37.07% last year

$4.95 Billion portfolio

Transdigm Group Incorporated


5 more stocks

Polen Capital

Polen Capital Management LLC

Performance: 20.07% last year

$42.9 Billion portfolio



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Steven Cohen

Point72 Asset Management

Performance: 11.55% last year

$32.1 Billion portfolio



1,252 more stocks

Discovery Inc
Teladoc Health