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Gardner Russo & Gardner Inc. is an investment firm popular with wealthy clients for its conservative, long-term approach to investing.
Tom Russo's investment strategy is highlighted by his top five stock holdings, which occupy a significant portion of his portfolio and reflect his market preferences. Leading Russo's investments, with 14.4% of the portfolio, Berkshire Hathaway Inc., Ordinary Shares - Class A represents not only stability but also a diversified interest in multiple industries under Warren Buffett's leadership. Alphabet Inc, owning the tech giant Google, holds the second-largest position at 11.3%, suggesting Russo values innovative technology companies with robust growth potential. Mastercard Incorporated, coming third at 10.4%, indicates a strong belief in continued expansion within the digital payment solutions sector. The fourth major holding, Nestle SA - ADR at 7.5%, reflects an investment in a leading global food and beverage brand that has shown consistent performance. Lastly, Compagnie Financiere Richemont SA comprises 7.0% of Russo's portfolio, showcasing confidence in luxury goods and high-end retail sectors. These key stocks offer insights into Tom Russo’s long-term value investment philosophy.
Potential investors studying Tom Russo or aiming to emulate successful investment portfolios can gain valuable insight from this overview of prominent positions in his investment management approach.

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