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Sands Capital's investment portfolio showcases a strategic focus on technology and growth sectors, with NVIDIA Corp at the forefront. As a leading manufacturer of graphics processing units (GPUs), NVIDIA is positioned for continued dominance in the expanding gaming market and has growing interests in AI and data center segments. Inc., another top holding, reflects Sands Capital's confidence in e-commerce and cloud computing through its diverse business model that includes retail, AWS, and various tech-driven ventures.
Healthcare also features prominently with Dexcom Inc, a company known for its continuous glucose monitoring systems, pivotal for diabetes management and representing advancement in medical technologies. Visa Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class A indicates Sands Capital's bet on the strength of digital payments and fintech evolution. Visa’s global network facilitates electronic funds transfers and remains crucial as society shifts towards cashless transactions.
Lastly, Lam Research Corp's presence in the top five underscores a keen interest in semiconductor production equipment. In an ever-digitizing world, chips are foundational to electronics, making this investment a play on the overall growth of the technology sector.
Investors reviewing Sands Capital’s stock picks can discern a pattern focusing on innovation leaders and companies well-positioned to benefit from secular trends. The strategy suggests a balanced mix of established giants and forward-looking enterprises poised for long-term growth.

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