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Prem Watsa is one of Indian-Canada's most prominent billionaires. He has been called the "Canadian Warren Buffett". He was awarded with Padma Shri, one of India's highest civilian honors in January 2020. He was born in India in 1950. He received his Master of Business Administration at the University of Western Ontario.
Prem Watsa, the seasoned investor known for his value-oriented approach, has a distinct preference in his investment portfolio with an inclination towards technology and natural resources. At 29.6% of his holdings, Micron Technology Inc. stands as the foremost investment, showcasing Watsa's significant bet on the semiconductor industry which is at the heart of modern electronics and artificial intelligence advancements.
Following closely, Occidental Petroleum Corp. represents 25.6% of his investments, reflecting confidence in the energy sector and particularly in companies poised to benefit from global demand fluctuations in oil and gas.
The third-lead is Orla Mining Ltd., accounting for 9.2% of the portfolio. This position indicates a strategic focus on the mining sector and gold as a potential hedge against inflation and currency devaluation.
BlackBerry Ltd., once a smartphone leader, comprises 8.1% of Prem Watsa's portfolio. The investment highlights a profound interest in the company's pivot into cybersecurity and the Internet of Things (IoT).
Lastly, Kennedy-Wilson Holdings Inc., making up 6.7% of the porfolio stakes, underscores Watsa's attention to the real estate market and property-related opportunities.
Overall, these top five stocks illustrate Prem Watsa’s diversified investment strategy across crucial industries such as technology, natural resources, cybersecurity and real estate. His investments are aimed at leveraging pivotal market trends and securing positions in companies with substantial growth or turnaround potentials, offering insights for investors looking to navigate their strategies through the wisdom of experienced market players.

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