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Prem Watsa is one of Indian-Canada's most prominent billionaires. He has been called the "Canadian Warren Buffett". He was awarded with Padma Shri, one of India's highest civilian honors in January 2020. He was born in India in 1950. He received his Master of Business Administration at the University of Western Ontario.
Prem Watsa, a renowned investor with a strategic eye for value and long-term growth potential, maintains a diverse investment portfolio. Within his top stock holdings:
Firstly, Micron Technology Inc., a leading global provider of semiconductor devices, showcases Watsa's confidence in the technology sector's continuous expansion and innovation-driving investments.
Next, Occidental Petroleum Corp. appears as a prominent position, reflecting Watsa's calculated bet on the energy industry, particularly within companies well-positioned to capitalize on fluctuating oil prices and the ongoing demand for fossil fuels.
Watsa's stake in Orla Mining Ltd demonstrates an inclination towards the precious metals market, recognizing the stability and hedge potential gold offers against inflationary pressures, which may interest investors looking for commodity exposure.
The inclusion of BlackBerry Ltd signals Watsa's belief in turnaround stories and tech firms pivoting towards cutting-edge sectors, such as cybersecurity and automotive software, aligning with themes of transformation and resilience.
Lastly, Kennedy-Wilson Holdings Inc highlights Watsa's venture into real estate investments via companies that manage a robust portfolio of properties across various regions, seeking both income and capital appreciation opportunities.
Investors contemplating Prem Watsa's investment strategies can see a pattern favoring bright prospects in fundamental industries—tech, energy, mining, communication, and real estate—that offer not just diversification but are also well-aligned with economic cycles and innovative edges.

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