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Ken Fisher is an American investor and financial advisor. He founded Fisher Investments in 1979. In 2020, his personal wealth was estimated to be $6.3 billion. He has written multiple books on investing strategies that have been bestsellers in the New York Times.
Ken Fisher's investment portfolio showcases a strategic selection of tech heavyweights, epitomizing his acumen in recognizing growth-oriented stocks with strong market presence. Microsoft Corporation leads the charge as a premier software company pivoting to cloud computing and enterprise services; it embodies resilience and innovation within Fisher’s stock collection. Apple Inc follows, illustrating his propensity toward companies with robust ecosystems and brand loyalty; this consumer electronics giant continues to redefine industry standards while expanding its service segment. Inc is another top holding, reflecting Fisher's confidence in e-commerce dominance and burgeoning cloud infrastructure sectors.
Alphabet Inc, under its class A shares, represents another key element of Fisher's focus on enduring tech enterprises with diversified revenue streams encompassing search engines, advertisement technologies, and various futuristic ventures. Lastly, NVIDIA Corp rounds out the top five, indicative of Fisher’s insight into the semiconductor space and the increasing demand for GPUs in gaming, data centers, and AI applications. Each constituent of Ken Fisher's top investments radiates durability and adaptability, underlining preferences tuned towards technology sector leaders projected for continued advancement and strong financial performance, cementing these stocks as central pillars in a sound investment strategy.

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Ken Fisher FAQ

Kenneth Lawrence Fisher was born on November 29, 1950 in San Francisco, California. He is a US investment analyst and founder and chairman of Fisher Investments, a financial advisory and asset management firm based in Camas, Washington.

In Arcata, he attended Humboldt State University, where he began studying forestry, but graduated in 1972 with a degree in economics. After working for his father’s company for a few years, he went into business by himself in 1979 as an investment advisor with his own firm, Fisher Investments.

He wrote several books about investment strategies. One of his most famous books is “The Ten Roads to Riches: The Ways the Wealthy Got There (And How You Can Too!)“.

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