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John Paulson's investment portfolio showcases a strategic inclination towards pharmaceuticals and resource-based companies. Madrigal Pharmaceuticals Inc, a leader in developing innovative therapies for cardiovascular-metabolic diseases, holds a significant position in Paulson's stocks collection, testifying to his faith in biotech's growth potential. Bausch Health Companies Inc further diversifies his interest in the healthcare sector, with this company being a global provider of diversified pharmaceuticals.
The finance sector is represented through BrightSphere Investment Group Inc, where Paulson sees value in asset management firms. This aligns with a broader investment play on financial services industry dynamics.
Heading into natural resources, Perpetua Resources Corp reflects Paulson's bet on sustainable mining operations, indicating an environmentally conscious yet profitability-focused strategy. Novagold Resources Inc complements this approach with its stake in precious metal exploration—particularly gold—which acts as a hedge against market volatility and inflation.
Paulson's top five investments reveal a balanced mix between high-growth potential pharma and steady-eddy resource sectors, signaling a blended risk appetite to seasoned and novice investors alike.

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