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Cliff Sosin's portfolio showcases a strategic investment approach, emphasizing growth and value in diverse sectors. Leading his stock investments is Carvana Co., an innovative online used car retailer that disrupts traditional auto sales with its e-commerce platform and vending machine pickup points. The company's scalable business model makes it a significant presence within the automotive industry.
Another notable holding is Hilton Grand Vacations Inc, a prominent player in the hospitality sector specializing in timeshare properties. This investment reflects confidence in the travel and tourism market's rebound and long-term growth potential.
Sosin also invests in Capital One Financial Corp., a diversified bank that offers a broad spectrum of financial products and services to consumers, small businesses, and commercial clients. Its digital-first strategy positions the company well for adapting to evolving consumer preferences in banking.
In the lending space, World Acceptance Corp., which provides small-loan consumer finance services, represents another key part of Sosin's portfolio. Its focus on underbanked or subprime borrowers indicates an appetite for niche markets with substantial growth opportunities.
Lastly, Cardlytics Inc rounds out the top five investments, operating within the FinTech sphere by providing a purchase-based data intelligence platform. The company partners with financial institutions to offer targeted incentives to consumers, thereby driving sales and loyalty.
Integrating tech-forward companies and established financial firms, Cliff Sosin's portfolio centers on stocks like Carvana, Hilton Grand Vacations, Capital One, World Acceptance, and Cardlytics, reflecting keen insight into transformative business models and enduring consumer demand sectors—critical information for investors seeking diversified exposure through high-conviction equity strategies.

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