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J2 Global Inc. stands as a prominent investment in Chuck Royce's portfolio, reflecting his confidence in the tech and communications sector. Known for its cloud services and digital media presence, J2 Global represents a strategic position for investors seeking diversification through technology-driven stocks.
Air Lease Corp—Ordinary Shares - Class A highlights another key area of Royce's stock selection, emphasizing growth potential within the aviation industry. Air Lease's business model of purchasing commercial aircraft and leasing them to airlines across the globe provides exposure to the recovering travel and transportation markets.
MKS Instruments, Inc., a leader in providing instruments, subsystems, and process control solutions, is among the top five investments indicating Royce's interest in industrial technology and innovation. MKS Instruments serves semiconductor and other advanced manufacturing sectors, which are integral to current technological advancements.
In the infrastructure domain, Arcosa Inc captures Royce’s approach towards investing in construction and engineering firms foundational to economic growth. Specializing in structural wind towers, aggregates, and specialty construction products, Arcosa aligns with an investment ethos geared toward infrastructural development and resilience.
Rounding out the highlighted investments, Innospec Inc stands as a significant chemical company in Royce's assemblage of stocks, signaling attention to the specialty chemicals market. With a diverse product range catering to industries from fuel additives to personal care, Innospec fits well within a portfolio structured around stable yet innovative businesses.
Together, these stocks underpin Chuck Royce's investment philosophy combining variety, opportunity, and consistent performance — core tenets for anyone looking to emulate Royce's success in crafting a robust and forward-looking investment portfolio.

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