Telesat Corp - Ordinary Shares - Class A

Telesat Corp - Ordinary Shares - Class A


Market Cap$116.2M

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P/E RatioDividendsReturn on EquityPrice-to-SalesDebt-to-Equity
Telesat Corp - Ordinary Shares - Class ATelesat Corp - Ordinary Shares - Class A00%-0.2-

Share Statistics

Market cap$116.20 Million
Enterprise Value-
Dividend Yield$0.0 (0.0%)
Earnings per Share$0.0
Outstanding Shares13,933,343
Avg 30 Day Volume32,903


Return on Equity-
Return on Assets-
Return on Invested Capital-

Valuation & Multiples

P/E Ratio0.0
Price to Sales0.17
Price to Book Ratio-
Enterprise Value to Revenue-
Enterprise Value to EBIT-
Enterprise Value to Net Income0
Total Debt to Enterprise-
Debt to Equity-

Revenue Sources

No data

Insider Trades

ESG Score

No data

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