Heico Corp. - Ordinary Shares - Class A


Market Cap$24.1B

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P/E RatioDividendsReturn on EquityPrice-to-SalesDebt-to-Equity
Heico Corp. - Ordinary Shares - Class AHeico Corp. - Ordinary Shares - Class A56.70.13%13%4.40.8
marketMarket Avg591.3%30%-1
IndustrialsIndustrials Avg240.99%21%30.6

Share Statistics

Market cap$24.10 Billion
Enterprise Value$26.40 Billion
Dividend Yield$0.1999 (0.13%)
Earnings per Share$3.05
Outstanding Shares83,591,871
Avg 30 Day Volume198,168


Return on Equity-
Return on Assets-
Return on Invested Capital-

Valuation & Multiples

P/E Ratio56.67
Price to Sales4.36
Price to Book Ratio4.25
Enterprise Value to Revenue8.14
Enterprise Value to EBIT39.05
Enterprise Value to Net Income62
Total Debt to Enterprise0.09
Debt to Equity0.77

Revenue Sources

No data

ESG Score

No data

About Heico Corp.

6,000 employees
CEO: Laurans Mendelson

HEICO Corporation is an aerospace and electronics company that focuses on niche markets. HEICO’s products are found in aircraft, spacecraft, defense equipment, medical equipment, and telecommunications systems.