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David Abrams's investment strategy prominently features a diversified range of stocks with a focus on stability and growth potential. Topping his portfolio is Lithia Motors, Inc. - Ordinary Shares - Class A, comprising 19.5% of the total assets, signifying confidence in the automotive retail sector. Asbury Automotive Group Inc follows closely at 14.1%, underscoring the investment value seen within this industry.
The tech giants are not overlooked in his selection, with Alphabet Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class A accounting for 11.3% of Abrams's investments. This inclusion highlights the anticipated long-term growth from innovative technology leaders. Equally significant is Meta Platforms Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class A at 11.2%, indicating an investment belief in social media's robust engagement model and revenue generation capabilities.
Lastly, Coupang Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class A represents 8.5% of his holdings, pointing to a strategic position in Asia's burgeoning e-commerce market. Together, these top five stock investments reflect David Abrams's approach towards combining traditional business models with leading-edge tech firms for a balanced, forward-looking portfolio likely attractive to prospective investors.

$3.22 Billion Total portoflio value
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