Current Value of Holding

$782 Million


6.13 Million

% of Portfolio


Average Buy Price


Avg closing price
Price range

Berkshire Hathaway's Snowflake Stake

Warren Buffett acquired 6.13 Million Snowflake shares worth $782 Million. That's 0.21% of their equity portfolio (24th largest holding). The investor owns 1.85% of the outstanding Snowflake stock. Warren Buffett acquired their 6.13 Million shares in Q3 2020. So far they never sold any shares in the company. The investor's estimated purchase price is $1.46 Billion, resulting in a loss of 46%.

Avg closing price
Price range
New holding (+6.13 Million shares) Q3 2020
Avg closing price $238.10
Price range $217.39 - $259.13

News about Snowflake Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class A and Warren Buffett

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