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2 Seth Klarman DigitalBridge Group- Class A Trades

Seth Klarman acquired 18.4 Million DigitalBridge Group- Class A shares worth $93.5 Million. That's 1.21% of their equity portfolio (21st largest holding). The investor owns 3.04% of the outstanding DigitalBridge Group- Class A stock. Seth Klarman started to build up the position in DigitalBridge Group- Class A in Q2 2021. Since then they sold 4.51 Million shares. The investor's estimated purchase price is $131 Million, resulting in a loss of 29%.

Avg closing price
Price range
Sold 19.7% shares (-4.51 Million shares) Q1 2022
Avg closing price $7.28
Price range $6.58 - $8.25
New holding (+22.9 Million shares) Q2 2021
Avg closing price $7.15
Price range $6.25 - $8.50

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