Current Value of Holding

$10 Million


4.77 Million

% of Portfolio


Average Buy Price


Avg closing price
Price range

2 Seth Klarman Altice USA Trades

Seth Klarman's position in Altice USA is currently worth $10 Million. That's 0.34% of their equity portfolio (15th largest holding). Seth Klarman acquired their 4.77 Million shares between 2022 and 2023. So far they never sold any shares in the company. The investor's estimated purchase price is $22.9 Million, resulting in a loss of 56%.

Avg closing price
Price range
Increased shares by 23.1% (+894 Thousand shares) Q1 2023
Avg closing price $4.25
Price range $3.05 - $5.38
New holding (+3.88 Million shares) Q4 2022
Avg closing price $4.91
Price range $3.79 - $6.70

News about Altice USA Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class A and Seth Klarman

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