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Michael Burry is a Legendary investor known for predicting the housing bubble & market crash in 2008.  Popularised in the movie “the Big Short” Burry bet the Housing Market would crash & made a killing for himself & the investors of Scion Capital. See about Michael Burry about section for more on this.


michael-burry-the-big-short Movie played by Christian Bale.

Does Michael Burry like Bitcoin?

Michael Burry has publicly slammed Bitcoin as a “Speculative bubble” and warned a Major CRASH is coming!  – According to Business insider. However, in February 2021, he took to Twitter (Tweet has now been deleted!) and stated 

He didn’t “hate” bitcoin but had doubts about the long-term prospects of the crypto currency. Burry expected authorities to squash threats to their currencies and launch their own digital notes and coins.

Has Michael Burry Shorted Bitcoin?

Burry stated in February 2021, he wasn’t short bitcoin, but “anything is possible” in the near future! 

So he wasn’t short Bitcoin in early 2021, but he could be now.

Watch the Full Video of this post including 3 ways to short bitcoin below:

Is it possible to Short Sell Bitcoin?

Surprisingly, yes! Although it can be quite complicated. 

How to short bitcoin?

Shorting Bitcoin can be done in multiple ways. 

  • Derivatives such as options or futures, are one method of gaining short exposure.
  • You can also take advantage of margin features available on certain crypto exchanges, such as Kraken or Binance. 


The price of Bitcoin is extremely volatile & can suddenly increase & decrease.

 Selling short  any asset can lead to UNLIMITED LOSSES as there is now ceiling to the price of an asset if it decides to increase. 

This risk is particularly dangerous in the unregulated crypto market.

This is NOT Financial Advice or a Recommendation to buy/sell or short any asset class.

Which Stocks has Michael Burry been Buying?

Find out here by diving into his entire stock portfolio: Michael Burry Portfolio



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